Events Calendar

To become a lawyer, is to attend university all your life. Due to the nature of our work, the ever-changing world we live in based on technologies, and new innovations which make our lives better, lawyers need to stay curious and make continuous learning a priority.

Although the Law often takes time to catch up with new developments, it is lawyers who take the lead in helping clients comply and safely navigate through changes or conflicts. The legal profession is further dependent on senior lawyers transferring skills and knowledge to the next generation lawyers.

The aims of our online group sessions are to provide coaching and learning opportunities to lawyers to invest in their professional and personal development and to grow their legal practices and careers.

Online group sessions are also a good way to connect with like-minded lawyers, get support from colleagues and expand your professional network.

Herewith our 2023 Online Events Calendar:

Month / DateTimeTopicPresenter
6 March

28 March
12h00 – 13h30

Building Lawyer Confidence – with NLP techniques

How to legally protect your business website
Emmie de Kock

Emmie de Kock
22 May12h00-13h30Becoming a lawyer clients promoteEmmie de Kock
4 August8h30-10h00Keeping Up with AI et al – for small firmsEmmie de Kock
6 November13h00-14h30How to start a Law ClinicEmmie de Kock
16 DecemberAnnouncing Lawyer Winner 2023