“Lawyers Working Smart” (LWS) is a digital platform which connects you with top South African lawyers fast with the view to obtain quotations and explore instructions for legal services.

LWS is not a law firm, but a professional networking space and support service to lawyers and the public.

LWS does not provide legal insurance to the public. LWS does not get involved with legal matters dealt with between lawyers and clients.

Lawyers serving on our platform represent independent legal practices and are approved Members. Attorneys, advocates and legal consultants, from all provinces, are welcome to apply to join as Members.

LWS lawyers work from their own commercial or home offices and prefer to make initial contact regarding a new legal query remotely via email, text or phone call, to save time and money.

LWS is a virtual platform and do not have commercial offices to visit. LWS operates from its website, WhatsApp number and social media pages. Please connect with LWFH via WhatsApp on 067 426 7141 or email: manager@lawyersworkingsmart.co.za.

LWS is developed and owned by LawyerFirst Coaching & Consulting (Pty) Ltd, since May 2020, and is managed by Emmie de Kock, former senior practising attorney and law firm owner.


LWS provides digital marketing, practice management, networking and training support to lawyer Members with a view to make professional legal services more accessible and affordable in South Africa.

LWS serves the public for free by providing: a searchable digital directory of top lawyers to easily connect with to explore options and obtain quotations for legal services; education on the legal profession; helpful blogs on topical legal subjects; and welcoming feedback from the public on how our platform or lawyers can improve.  


It is the mission of LWS to support competent South African lawyers who can provide legal services remotely and/or work from home.

This mission includes:

  • LWS aims to connect lawyers with new clients and contacts to grow. The platform matches new client queries with lawyers on its platform and share leads securely to its lawyers via email.
  • LWS helps lawyers expand the reach of their network and legal services beyond their immediate geographical areas.
  • LWS further aims to educate the public about remote legal services and help lawyers working remotely or from home to develop and keep high professional and operational standards. As a result, LWS aims to save clients and lawyers time and money.
  • Representing a group of lawyers with a common interest, LWS aims to enhance the professional image of lawyers working remotely and/or from home to gain the trust of the public and attract new clients for its top lawyers.
  • LWS promotes and supports the independence of each legal practice which subscribes to the platform.
  • LWS aims to provide for the needs expressed by its lawyers relating to common interests.
  • As working online, or from home, is not the operational model of all lawyers in South Africa, LWS actively looks out for opportunities in these areas to support LWS lawyers to adjust fast to new developments and lead their clients and lawyers in the fourth industrial revolution and any new possible business disruptions.
  • Although lawyers like working on their own, and often against each other, it will benefit lawyers, in particular sole proprietors, to belong or associate with a legal community which supports the same professional interests and which can address issues collectively, should any common threat or challenge arise against remote or home legal practices.


  • To make legal services more accessible to all in South Arica.
  • To support legal practices who are embracing the fourth industrial revolution.
  • To help small legal practices by offering affordable digital marketing support.
  • To create a network of diverse top lawyers in all provinces of South Africa to refer leads to.
  • To help lawyers comply with requirements in terms of the BEE Code for the legal practitioners.
  • To offer training to lawyers relating to personal and professional development.
  • Making lawyers better, for a better South Africa!

What are the requirements for a lawyer to join LWFH?

  1. Minimum LLB degree (or equivalent 4 year university law degree, ie B.Iuris or B.Proc).
  2. Competent to provide legal services in practice areas in terms of South African laws.
  3. Able to connect with clients in South Africa directly or remotely via email, phone calls, cell phone text, video conferencing or voice notes.
  4. Fall into a category of Practising Attorney, Practising Trust Account Advocate, Practising Referral Advocate, Legal Consultant, Pro Bono Lawyer or Law Academic.
  5. Operate for own account or be part of a legal practice with other lawyers who qualify.
  6. Accept Member Terms and Conditions to strive for high professional and ethical standards.

If you join as lawyer Member, what are the Membership Benefits?

  1. Publishing your digital lawyer profile on our website platform which you can share with your contacts via social media/text and access/update anytime.
  2. Sharing your lawyer profile on the LWS website and FaceBook, Insta, Twitter and LinkedIn social media pages.
  3. Connecting you with potential new clients (leads) via email.
  4. Option to publish your blogs on our website, social media pages and e-newsletter.
  5. Option to connect you with other top lawyers via online events and other professional networking opportunities.
  6. Option to create, publish and offer training materials/videos/webinars to other lawyers/public.
  7. Option to book lawyer coaching and enjoy R350 discount on first paid session with a LawyerFirst Coach.
  8. Option to list your law firm for free to advertise to other lawyers and the public.
  9. Association with top lawyers who share similar professional interests, high professional and ethical standards