Why lawyers join Lawyers Working Smart™?

We help SA lawyers to MARKET, CONNECT and GROW their legal practices.

“Lawyers Working Smart” (LWS) is the leading lawyer platform which provides digital marketing, practice management, networking and training support to lawyer Members with a view to save lawyers time and money.

LWS is a digital platform which connects the public with top South African lawyers fast with the view to obtain quotations and explore instructions for legal services.

LWS is not a law firm, but a virtual professional networking space and support service to lawyers and the public.

Lawyers serving on our platform represent independent legal practices and are approved Members. Attorneys, advocates and legal consultants, from all provinces, are welcome to apply to join. Membership is subject to approval.

The requirements to apply to join are as follows:

  1. Minimum LLB degree (or equivalent 4 year university law degree, ie B.Iuris or B.Proc).
  2. Competent to provide legal services in practice areas in terms of South African laws.
  3. Able to connect with clients in South Africa directly or remotely via email, phone calls, cell phone text, video conferencing or voice notes.
  4. Fall into a category of Practising Attorney, Practising Trust Account Advocate, Practising Referral Advocate, Legal Consultant, Pro Bono Lawyer or Law Academic (includes candidate legal practitioners with LLB degree).
  5. Operate for own account or be part of a legal practice with other lawyers who qualify.
  6. Accept Member Terms and Conditions to strive for high professional and ethical standards.

Applying to join and payment are fast and easy on our website and it is a month to month contract.

What do you get for your monthly membership fee payment?


  • Publishing your digital lawyer profile on our website platform which you can share with your contacts via social media/text and access/update anytime.
  • Marketing of your lawyer profile on the LWFH website and FaceBook, Insta, Twitter and LinkedIn social media pages.
  • Proofreading, publishing and sharing your blogs (1/month).


  • Connecting you with potential new clients (leads) via email.
  • Connecting you with other top lawyers and inviting you to online networking opportunities.
  • Connecting you with foreign lawyer platform opportunities and top product / service providers for lawyers.


  • Receiving practice management tips and lawyer coaching voice note messages on an exclusive WhatsApp group.
  • Receiving R350 discount on first formal lawyer coaching session with a LawyerFirst Coach.
  • General associating with top lawyers who share high professional and ethical standards. However, each lawyer’s legal practice remain independent.

LWS is developed by lawyers for lawyers with the purpose to uplift and support other lawyers to make our legal profession strong and better for South Africa. Better lawyers make a better South Africa!

Can YOU afford to miss out on these opportunities to work and grow as lawyer?

10 Reasons to join LWS:

There may be other online lawyer directories, but LWS is the leading enabling platform and different, as it affords lawyers the following value-adds:

  1. Expand your target market: South African lawyers can market and secure instructions online from clients in all South African provinces. This could, for instance, assist competent lawyers in small metropolitan areas to possibly charge more and thus earn a better income. It could further assist other lawyers who desire lifestyle changes by relocating to other provinces.
  2. Educate public: LWS strives to provide the public with free helpful information on legal topics and tips on how to select and instruct lawyers.
  3. Social media: LWS marketing is primarily done on social media as that is where many potential clients are spending time. Due to the time and costs involved in social media marketing for low results, most small law firms cannot afford or justify elaborate social media marketing schemes on their own all the time. LWS social media pages build audiences and online communities for lawyers to get better marketing results faster.
  4. Lawyer community: Working for yourself, by yourself, can sometimes make you feel isolated. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, let’s go together.
  5. Support for work-life integration: To support good work-life integration, LWS lawyers can choose and clearly indicate own working or consulting hours to be accessible online or remotely on their lawyer profiles. This flexibility in online consulting hours could be very helpful for lawyers and clients.
  6. Protect privacy: LWS recognises the importance of privacy and the protection of personal information. Your home office address will not be published, unless you prefer it. The idea is to be safe and offer online/remote services using email, phone calls, texts, voice notes or video conferencing.
  7. Marketing support: Digital marketing strategies can take a lot of time and money. Digital marketing involves expert marketing services which take time to learn, manage or outsource. LWS consistently looks out and creates opportunities which can benefit the online marketing of lawyer subscribers.
  8. Professional standards: LWS promotes high professional standards and ethics and keep lawyers accountable. LWS aims to improve and promote the professional image of lawyers working from home or online.
  9. Easily expand capacity: As LWS lawyers may share common interests and operational preferences, they are welcome to connect, collaborate or refer work to each other if in need of capacity or expertise. Having access to a team of back-up lawyers could help manage the stress of operating a legal practice and give clients better support.
  10. Lawyer support: LWS is a digital home for lawyers to shine, publish articles, celebrate each other’s accomplishments, learn from each other and build new client bases at a very affordable subscription fee.

Do you note potential to improve your legal practice or lifestyle?

What are 5 benefits to work remotely?

Although LWS appreciates that working from home may not be the exclusive or preferred operational model for many of its members, LWFH highlights the benefits and best practices relating to remote working.

  1. Save on overheads: Working primarily remotely can save your legal practice a lot of overhead costs and expenses and avoid duplication costs.
  2. Save on transport: Working from home could potentially save you transport costs, vehicle payments, vehicle insurance and petrol costs.
  3. Save time: Working from home saves time getting ready and travelling to a commercial office. Saving time improves productivity which could increase income.
  4. Enjoy flexibility: Working from home allows you to set your own working hours and boundaries. There are likely to be fewer rules, policies and regulations when working from home. You could more easily schedule your day and have less interruptions to be more efficient. You could change plans on short notice.
  5. Have healthy work-life integration: Working from home could support lawyers with family responsibilities at home. It could lower risks of burnout. Working from home means you can do things you enjoy during breaks, for instance, hobbies, gardening, exercise or a social visit with a friend. Life is too short to neglect the people and things most precious to us.

Do you note benefits for YOU to join LWS?   

Last note:

As lawyers, we may be working on our own, on a distance, and even sometimes in certain cases against each other, but as top lawyers on the same platform, we are together and strong!

Any suggestions, requests or enquiries from lawyers are welcome. Email: management@lawyersworkingfromhome.co.za.

We hope to welcome you home on our platform soon!