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Divorce or Break-Ups

Divorce is hard. Our family lawyers are specialists in their work, particularly in divorce. Our lawyers want to assist clients with divorce matters, and any divorce-related issues relating to finances, children, property, and the tracking of the properties. The divorce procedure can be a very frustrating and challenging journey, especially when children are involved. Therefore, should you ever find yourself facing a break-up or divorce, it is recommended that you hire a lawyer that specialises in family law and has your best interest at heart.

Unless conflicting parties reach a reasonable settlement, without a competent family law lawyer, you may lose your assets, end up having to share them, or have them taken away from you. Lawyers Working From Home™ have a network of experienced family law and divorce lawyers that can advise you, as well as consider the financial needs of both parties involved to ensure no one is left destitute as a result of the divorce.

Opposed divorces refer to divorces where couples have not reached a settlement before approaching the court, while unopposed divorces refer to divorces where couples have reached a written settlement before approaching the court.

Settlements are often negotiated via direct discussions, on correspondence or via mediation.

Our divorce lawyers are able to assist with several types of divorce matters, one of which is assisting the parties when children are involved.

Child Support

In a divorce matter involving children, the children’s interests are always the first and top priority. When it comes to divorce, and children are involved, special consideration is given to a parenting plan and deciding on maintenance and supervision.

Child support needs to be in line with the financial means of the paying spouse, as well as what the best case will be for the child.

Family/Relationship Disputes Mediation

Most family law lawyers are also qualified mediators. Mediation is an alternative method to resolve disputes between family members. It is helpful for couples contemplating a divorce to agree to go through a process of mediation to reach a settlement. Mediation is the process of direct discussions facilitated by a trained mediator who must be neutral and supporting of both parties.

Not only divorces, but any type of family dispute, could be referred to mediation. Often family members on their own struggle to find solutions for disputes relating to family decisions, for instance, living arrangements when a parent passes away, distribution of an inheritance or splitting fees for weddings. Although some of these disputes may have legal remedies, mediation could be an option to avoid any formal legal steps between family members.

Other Family Law and Related Legal Services

Some of the several family law matters our family law and divorce attorneys have handled in the past include those pertaining to: access to children, adoption, antenuptial contracts (ANCs), arbitration, association agreements, bail (24hrs/After Hours), children’s rights, civil law, contracts, corporate, credit Law, criminal, custody, deceased estates, divorce, divorce mediation, domestic partnerships, drunk driving, estates, evictions, general practice, high court cases, leases, maintenance, matrimonial aspects, mediation, medical negligence, motor vehicle accident claims (RAF claims), partnership agreements, personal injury, property law, sale of business/shares, sectional title registrations/cancelations, trusts, and wills.

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