Keeping up with AI et al

Let’s talk about Tech! Technology is part of our daily lives. Technology is also part of practising law. Technology for law firms is developing fast and sometimes it can be hard to keep up!

If you are a law firm owner, you are likely to face decisions relating to the following:

  • What technology do we need just to operate?
  • What technology do we need to improve or grow?
  • What should we budget for technology?
  • How are we comparing to other law firms?
  • What technology is best for which legal practice area?
  • What are the risks involved using technology?
  • How does technology impact our decisions to hire staff?

The answer to these questions will differ from law firm to law firm. As a law firm moves through its business cycles, the needs of the firm may also change and decisions regarding technology may need to be reviewed and changed.

While some technologies may offer great opportunities to small law firms to compete with larger law firms based on costs and efficiency, technologies may remain a challenge for small law firm budgets. The decision to invest in certain technologies for your law firm further requires a long term commitment as it is likely to impact all operations and may not be easy to change if necessary in the future.

As each small law firm has to face these decision on their own, there are not many opportunities to research or get feedback from colleagues about their experiences with certain technologies used in their legal practices. It is hoped that this group coaching session will create an opportunity for lawyers of small law firms to share experiences, challenges and recommendations.

The most recent technology which seems to impact practising law is ChatGPT and the many spin-off applications which are starting to become available. ChatGPT launched late 2022 and most school children and students are already using it to assist with academic assignments. ChatGPT is a master and speedy content creator which no human can copy. As AI develops, it will also become more accurate to assist with legal research and drafting. Law firms should keep up and plan how to integrate useful AI to stay relevant and ahead of this new wave of change. This is a big ask for small law firms which owners work hard primarily to serve clients and meet budgets. Again, hopefully a group coaching session and discussion will assist to share this burden.

Aspects which will be referred to during this session include:

  • What is Legal Tech?
  • What is the Legal Tech landscape?
  • What is the regulatory framework?
  • What minimum tech does a start-up law firm need?
  • What about AI vs humans in law firms?
  • What are the threats and opportunities for lawyers?
  • How will you proceed?

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DateFriday, 4 August 2023
CoachEmmie de Kock
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