Debt Collecting Lawyers

So, let’s face the facts, collecting money is a job most businesses try to avoid, even though their poor cash flow warrants a debt collection mechanism. Most businesses’ behaviour when collecting debt is very abusive and aggressive. So what is the best practice, without becoming too aggressive whilst maintaining a civil business relationship.  Lawyers Working From Home™ is your trusted recovery solution. We put people first, doing everything we can to get your money back while still preserving a good relationship with your customer. Our top lawyers’ strategic public relations efforts are fair, but firm – ensuring your reputation is their top priority!

Our Debt Collecting lawyers  combine a people-oriented approach with the latest tech-driven solutions to drive results and provide better contact management. This comprehensive method gets the results you need while preserving customer relationships. Our lawyers are capable of assisting with debt collection on behalf of both companies and individuals.

It is important to remember that the debtor is probably embarrassed, stressed and will likely become defensive, so try to be firm but understanding and patient. It usually goes a long way when you try to provide an openness for your debtor to explain its late payments. This will allow you to budget for the expected monies and arrange a solution such as an Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD). Receiving a signed AOD may be easier to achieve with an understanding attitude.

All businesses trying to collect money, even if the amount was agreed at the time of the sale, may require some negotiation. During these dire economic times, many businesses have the best intention of settling their debt, but circumstances beyond their control have gotten in the way. This is the current reality for smaller businesses as they should be paid first by bigger suppliers, but the suppliers choose to settle the small company’s account later than the indicated term.

Think about it, debt recovery is simpler when you use a collection agency that is fluent in the laws and customs of the area where the debtor resides. Lawyers Working From Home™ offers on-the-ground representatives in South Africa who understand the debt collection practices that work to support full recovery of your funds.

Do not limit your success to the efforts of regular debt collection agencies  in South Africa. When choosing our debt collection lawyers at Lawyers Working From Home™, you are choosing quality and are guaranteed high client satisfaction.  In the majority of debt collection  cases, our debt collection lawyers successfully retrieve your claim without taking formal legal action which is associated with high legal costs.

Our Debt Collecting lawyers understand that an outstanding claim can be extremely frustrating since you have waited long enough for your payment. That is why we act fast to ensure the payment of your outstanding invoices. Appoint our top Debt Collecting lawyers to claim today and we will get to work immediately!