Why do we offer email hosting services to lawyers?

Not all legal practice owners can afford to create an own website. This is certainly not mandatory. To start working online fast, many lawyers adopt free email addresses from global internet service providers. LWFH cares about the digital professional image of our lawyers. Operating your own legal practice includes IT management and LWFH wants to help busy legal practices with compliance. For these reasons, LWFH offers email hosting services to LWFH Members.

What email addresses are available?

LWFH Members who requests email hosting services can select to create an email address ending with any of the LWFH domain names listed below (example: thabo@lawyerswfh.co.za):  

  • lwfh.co.za
  • lawyerswfh.co.za
  • attorneyswfh.co.za
  • advocateswfh.co.za
  • lawyersworkingfromhome.co.za

What is the cost?

The email hosting fee is R150 per month in addition to the standard Membership Fee.

How to get and start using your email address?

Step 1:  If you are not yet a LWFH Member, apply to join: Click here https://lawyersworkingfromhome.co.za/apply-to-join/ and follow short steps. Decide and let LWFH Management know which email address you want.

Step 2:  Find website www.teamviewer.com and download Free Teamviewer for personal use. Whenever you open Teamviewer thereafter, it will reflect a random once-off ID number and Password. If you share hare this ID Number and Password with someone, they are able to work on your computer remotely immediately while you can watch.

Step 3:  Schedule a time that LWFH’s authorised email hosting company may access your computer remotely via Teamviewer to install your email address in Outlook/Email platform. At the scheduled time, share your Teamviewer once off ID number and password – you could take a photo and WhatsApp it to: 010 202 7383 or you could email a screenshot and email same to: support@quickspace.co.za. For assistance, you can also call Hugo on 010 020 7383.

Step 4:  LWFH will add R150 per month to your Membership Fee invoice.

What happens to your email address if you cancel your LWFH Membership?

It is compulsory to be a Member of LWFH to use an email associated with LWFH. If you cancel your LWFH Membership, you will also cancel your email hosting agreement.


Managing and updating your lawyer profile is easy, but we are here to help if you have any queries or get stuck. We answer some questions below:

How to become a LWFH Member?

Click https://lawyersworkingfromhome.co.za/apply-to-join/ and follow all steps. We recommend you select a photo and keep your bank card close before starting the process. As there are only a few compulsory fields to complete to create a lawyer profile, you can always revert to update, change or complete your profile at any time after publishing of your lawyer profile.

What happens if you only submitted an email address and created a password?

This means you only concluded the first step of the application process. You are not yet home! Use your email address and password to login to complete the application process. If you forgot your password, click “Lost your password?” and follow steps. Alternatively, start the application process again by using a new email address and creating a new password.

How to update your LWFH Member profile?

Login with your email address and password. Press “edit” on the page entitled Manage Profile and make sure you save changes to update your lawyer profile.

How to manage your payment method?

It is the easiest for busy lawyers to commit to monthly recurring bank payments via PayFast. However, if your bank card expires, please advise LWFH Management and we will email you a link to update your bank card details on PayFast again. If you prefer to pay EFT, please also advise LWFH Management.

How to receive invoices or statements?

Monthly invoices will be sent via email from Xero. If you require a statements, you are welcome to request same from LWFH Management.

How does the LWFH platform distributes leads?

The LWFH platform distributes leads based on legal practice areas.

If you are an attorney Member, how can advertise for free as correspondent?

Just follow the link and steps at https://lawyersworkingfromhome.co.za/advertisers-place-your-order/ to place your order under Advertisers. LWFH Management will review and approve your advertisement as Correspondent.