Name of Sponsor:LawyerFirst – Serving Legal Practitioners
Contact person:Emmie de Kock
Phone082 704 1774
Value propositionEmmie de Kock t/a LawyerFirst is an admitted South African attorney, former law firm owner, and qualified SA Business Coach, offering professional coaching to lawyers. It is her passion to support and motivate other legal practitioners and legal practices to start-up, grow and succeed.   Emmie is also the developer and manager of Lawyers Working From Home. She understands the pressures and needs of modern lawyers and provide opportunities for lawyer leaders to shine and grow.
Description of services for lawyers“Lawyer coaching” is coaching offered by experienced lawyers who are also professional qualified business coaches with the view to assist other lawyers with personal, professional and practice development issues. Clients’ professional and personal needs for development vary, and the coach will facilitate the sessions.  

Although it is generally agreed in the coaching profession that a professional coach is not required to be an attorney to coach attorneys on legal practice matters, it may, in some instances, assist an attorney client to talk to a coach who is an experienced fellow non-competing attorney who can relate based on personal experiences in the attorneys’ field. LawyerFirst therefore offers coaching for lawyers by lawyers.  

Before coaching commences, the coach and client must conclude a coaching contract in which both parties agree to certain responsibilities and commit to the process. The success and outcomes of coaching will mostly depend on the client’s coachability and the client’s commitment to move forward. A coaching contract can be concluded between (a) the coach and an individual legal practitioner, or between (b) the coach, the legal practitioner, and the firm, if the firm will sponsor the sessions.  

Coaching sessions are confidential and can be scheduled weekly, two-weekly, monthly, or on an ad hoc basis, depending the needs of clients.  

Lawyer Coaching assists individual legal practitioners and law firms to set goals, create action plans, and achieve more success faster.    
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