In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, businesses must adapt and stay relevant in order to succeed. Change also indicates growth and progress. This is why Lawyers Working from Home (LWFH™ has decided to rebrand itself as Lawyers Working Smart (LWS)™.

Lawyers Working From Home™ launched during hard lockdown in May 2020 when we were facing a pandemic and wanted to promote professional standards of lawyers who worked remotely. While post-pandemic many lawyers continue to work remotely from home offices, or follow a hybrid approach between home and commercial offices, we wanted to broaden the communication of the meaning of our brand to emphasize lawyers working more intelligently and efficiently by using technology and sharing our platform for marketing. The new name more accurately represents our platform’s aims, values and objectives to support our lawyer members to serve the public with legal service requirements on a more accessible and cost-effective basis.

Lawyers Working Smart™ is a website platform, supported with social media pages, that connects you with the best South African lawyers in a quick and easy manner. The aim of the platform is to help you get quotes for legal services and find the right lawyers for your needs. Lawyers Working Smart™ is therefore a professional online networking space that matches potential clients with the best South African lawyers.

By changing our platform’s name to Lawyers Working Smart™, we reinforce our commitment to providing the most efficient and effective way to find the best lawyer for your legal service requirements.

The new name Lawyers Working Smart™ is more concise, memorable, and in line with our focus on modern technology and innovation. The word “smart” is often associated with intelligence, technology, and efficiency, all of which are key to the mission of Lawyers Working From Home™ helping to make top lawyers more accessible.

We regard the rebranding from Lawyers Working From Home™ to Lawyers Working Smart™ is a necessary and important strategic move that continues to support our market position as leading membership platform for top lawyers working remotely in South Africa. If you are in need of cost estimates for legal services, visit our Lawyers Working Smart™ website or social media pages to see for yourself how the platform can help connect you with the right lawyers for your needs fast.

Name changes on our website and social media pages will be finalised in the course of February 2023. We already started receiving positive feedback to our new name from lawyers and the public. We are excited and confident that the rebranding of Lawyers Working From Home™ to Lawyers Working Smart™ will take us forward to help lawyers build legal practices required for now and the future.

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