Leadership and mentorship are entrenched in our legal profession. The survival and growth of our profession depend on experienced practitioners teaching and grooming younger colleagues to take the torch forward. Our country is blessed with many excellent lawyer leaders and we think it is high time to share some of their stories as inspiration for others. As many great lawyers work on their own, or may not feel noticed in larger law firms, we want to use our platform to spotlight their achievements and give professional recognition. We are proud and excited to present this national online competition to award the MOST INSPIRING SA LAWYER™ 2022.


  • R5000 cash
  • Use of title “Most Inspiring SA Lawyer 2022”™
  • Marketing on social media and our website as winner
  • Option to join LWFH free as member from 1 January until 31 March 2023
  • Professional recognition

Who can enter? Any South African lawyer holding a LLB, B.Proc or B.Iuris degree, who offers legal services in South Africa for longer than the past 12 months.

Closing date: 9 December 2022

What are the criteria? Most of us have “war stories”, as we all go through difficult seasons in our lives and careers at some stage. We are all also facing external factors which impact on our legal practices, like the economy, loadshedding or corruption. We are looking for a lawyer who is willing to share a story about their career journey which will inspire others. Many lawyers make incredible financial, personal and time sacrifices to become lawyers and follow their passion to help others, seek justice, develop the Law and/or make a good living providing for self and/or family. Being a good lawyer calls for boldness, commitment, motivation, tolerance, perseverance, hard work and resilience. Which professional obstacle, legal matter, personal struggle, or challenge did you face and how did you win? We want to celebrate lawyers who keep going and take our profession forward.  

How to enter? Kindly complete and return the Entry Form (copy and paste table below via email or attach as Word document) and necessary attachments (indicated on table) via a single email to Kindly indicate “Competition” in the subject line.

1.Name and surname 
2.Cell phone number 
3.Email address 
4.Name of legal practice you are working at 
6.Years practiced/ experience              
7.Academic qualifications and other professional achievements 
8.Do you work from home, a commercial office or follow a hybrid model? 
9.City and province 
10.What are your legal practice areas? 
11.What professional/ personal obstacle/s or challenge/s did you face in your legal practice? How did you overcome or conquered same? (max 300 words) 
12.Why are you a “lawyer working smart”? (max 100 words) 
13.What inspiring advice (lessons) can you share with colleagues about your legal career? (max 100 words) 
14.Endorsement email from a colleague (including colleague’s name and cell phone number)Attach please
15.Recommendation email from a client (including client name and cell phone number)                     Attach please
16.Photo of you in your workspaceAttach please

There is no entry fee this year.


By entering the competition, you agree that:

  • Your entry details are true and correct.
  • You agree that we may post your name, photo and story on social media and our website.
  • Judges’ decision is final.
  • Winner will be notified and receive prizes by 16 December 2022.
  • Your personal details shared above will only be used for purposes of communication herein.
  • The closing date is 12 December 2022 and the word counts on the Entry Form may not be exceeded.


  • Emmie de Kock
  • Janine Myburgh
  • Maud Letzler
  • Thomas Harban

This competition is proudly sponsored by the LPIIF ( and LawyerFirst (

John C Maxwell said that “the best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose them to other great people”. We hope and are excited to receive Entry Forms of great lawyers and to introduce them to more lawyers, to be inspired, mentored and motivated to keep going!

More about Lawyers Working Smart™ here: Why Join LWFH?

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  1. Maria on Reply

    Hi there

    Is the closing date 9 December or 12 December?
    Does the candidate have to be working in a law firm or will a corporate suffice including consulting?
    Thank you
    Maria Flack-Davison
    072 697 7552

    1. Emmie de Kock on Reply

      The closing date is extended to 12 December 2022. As long as you have been providing legal services as lawyer (not necessary in attorney practice) you are welcome to enter.

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