Is the LPA in line with the “new normal”?

Hi Colleagues

Although working online and/or from home may not be the exclusive operational model of all SA lawyers, LWFH actively looks out for opportunities in these areas to support all lawyers to adjust faster to new developments with the view to lead their clients and practices better in the 4th industrial revolution.

The LPA, new Rules and Code of Conduct came into force on 1 Nov 2018. The drafting and debating of the LPA Bill took more than 15 years, basically a whole generation of lawyers! When it finally came into force, critics agreed that many rules and sections still require review or refining. The 2020-2022 pandemic disrupted operations of all legal practices and escalated some issues.

LWFH would like to give lawyer leaders a platform to shine, explore and propose possible necessary changes and updates to the LPA/Rules/Code to adjust to the “new normal” and opportunities for the legal profession to serve SA better.

Preliminary topics to consider:

1. Supervision of (Gen Z) candidate attorneys working remotely or from home 2. Status of virtual offices or shared office spaces 3. Possible virtual law clinics 4. Professional behaviours for remote court hearings

LWFH offers to host and facilitate a Zoom info and brainstorming session on these and related issues for interested lawyers on Thursday, 17 March, 8h00-10h00.

LWFH Members attend FREE. Other lawyers pay R350 or join LWFH for 1 month @R200/R350.

If you would like to attend and participate, please RSVP by sending a WhatsApp by Friday, 11 March, to 067 426 7141.

Thanks for supporting the LWFH platform and moving forward together!


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