Change from “Subscribers” to “Members” notice

The pandemic changed our world and the way we operate our legal practices. Pre-lockdown, some prejudice existed towards lawyers working from home, based on an assumption that home office environments could be less equipped to offer high level professional legal services. This has changed. Today, world leaders, many corporate professionals, most accountants, many bankers, the Queen and some Judges work from home offices.

The Lawyers Working From Home™ (LWFH) platform was primarily developed to support the South African legal fraternity to adapt and embrace the opportunities of the “new normal” and change and improve the professional image of lawyers working remotely. 

Representing a group of lawyers with common interests, meeting certain criteria, and committing to high professional and operational standards, LWFH aims to enhance the professional image of lawyers working remotely and/or from home to gain the trust of the public and attract new clients for its top lawyers.

This is a consistent goal and requires a combined effort of top lawyers, as, the perception and habits of clients, businesses and the general public, to embrace remote legal services more, are changing slowly. LWFH continuously markets and showcases the professional image of lawyers who can offer remote legal services and educate the public on their rights on how to engage remotely with different types of lawyers. 

Although lawyers like working on their own, and often against each other, it further benefits lawyers, in particular sole proprietors, to belong or associate with a legal platform which supports the common interests of the participating lawyers and can address issues collectively, should any worthy cause, common threat, or challenge arise against/for remote or home legal practices.

Although LWFH offers certain fixed minimum services to its paying lawyers, in particular relating to social media marketing, the platform further builds and offers a potential client audience for lawyers who want to be more involved and actively participate in additional marketing or professional networking opportunities. This puts each lawyer in control of the value he/her seeks in lieu of his/her monthly payment according to his/her professional needs.

As more helpful legal education is required for the public, the LWFH platform further offers opportunities for paying lawyers to publish legal blogs or articles online. Lawyers are also invited to develop and offer training materials for other lawyers on the website. This improves opportunities for lawyers who want to get noticed by peers or share professional opinions which could contribute to the development of our Law.  

LWFH is therefore an enabling and evolving online lawyer platform which welcomes the input and feedback from lawyers which benefits from its efforts and services. Feedback from lawyers and the public are welcomed and used to tailor the LWFH service offerings and improve participating lawyers’ experiences.

Following the above, LWFH hereby gives notice that we plan to change the reference of paying lawyers on our website from “Subscribers” to “Members” in course of September 2021. “Subscription services” will henceforth be called “Member benefits” and continue to cover the same support services as currently provided to paying Subscriber lawyers as benefits. To reach the goals referred to above in the interest of our whole legal profession, change will happen fasters when we work together. LWFH is here to provide a platform for forward-thinking lawyers who wants to take the lead, participate and benefit. Members can decide when and how they want to actively participate on the platform or just benefit by association. LWFH membership may be mentioned in participating lawyer CVs as professional activity.

Monthly benefits for LWFH lawyers continue to include:  

  1. Publishing your digital lawyer profile on our website platform which you can share with your contacts via social media/text and access/update anytime.
  2. Sharing your lawyer profile on the LWFH website and FaceBook, Insta, Twitter and LinkedIn social media pages.
  3. Connecting you with potential new clients (leads) via email.
  4. Option to publish your blogs on our website, social media pages and e-newsletter.
  5. Option to connect you with other top lawyers via online professional networking opportunities.
  6. Option to create, publish and offer training materials/videos/webinars to other lawyers/public.
  7. Option to connect you with top product / service providers for lawyers.
  8. Option to book lawyer coaching and enjoy R350 discount on first paid session with a LawyerFirst Coach.
  9. Association with top lawyers who share similar professional interests, high professional and ethical standards.
  10. If you are an Attorney providing services as correspondent, or subletting your commercial office space/consultation rooms, you have the option to advertise this for FREE to other lawyers.

Steve Jobs said that great things in business are never done by one person, but by a team of people. Teams comprise of members, not subscribers. Members creates community, and members who care, look out for opportunities to grow and also improve the team. Better lawyers make South Africa better!

Many thanks to loyal lawyers supporting this just cause, giving feedback and participating on LWFH.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact Emmie de Kock, Manager of LWFH, on or WhatsApp 067 426 7141.

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