Are lawyers surviving 2021?

Post 2020, most lawyers will agree that it is not business as usual. Most legal practices experience strain on cashflow due to delayed or non-payments from distressed clients and delays in finalising professional matters relating to court proceedings, Masters’ Offices, RAF etc. To survive or grow while facing financial challenges, most legal practices must continuously seek and secure new clients and billable matters. This can be very stressful.

Digital marketing is a specialised area of marketing and can be very costly. However, if a legal practice wants to survive or grow in these social-distancing times, it cannot afford not to have a digital presence and digital marketing strategies in place. This may take months to achieve and cost thousands of rands per month to sustain with low return on investment and effort.

Notwithstanding, if your legal practice stops marketing online, it ceases to exist in the eyes of potential new clients. If you stop sharing online content about your legal practice, potential clients are likely to stop keeping contact with your legal practice in case they need legal assistance. Advantages of digital marketing further includes that it is passive, consistent and measurable.

“Lawyers Working From Home” (LWFH) is an enabling online platform which provides marketing, community, training and coaching support to top attorneys, advocates and legal consultants to grow and succeed.

The functionality of the platform is very user-friendly and similar to social media platforms (such as LinkedIn) for lawyers to create digital profiles on. The purpose of the platform is similar to a voluntary association of lawyers sharing management support and marketing costs relating to a digital home.  

We currently have over 30 independent top lawyers on our platform and are looking for more top attorneys and advocates (up to max 100), based in all provinces, specialising in different practice areas, to market and refer leads to.

We appreciate that most lawyers are currently feeling the brunt of the slow economy. It is our aim to help and support legal practices in this difficult season to make South Africa better. We therefore offer digital marketing services, together with other subscription support services, for only R350 per month per attorney or advocate. This is a month to month contract and you can provide 30 days notice via email or WhatsApp if you want to cancel.

The platform launched on 1 May 2020 and is created and managed by top Lawyer Coach and experienced attorney, Emmie de Kock, Director of LawyerFirst Coaching & Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

What are the requirements for lawyers to subscribe to LWFH?

  1. Minimum LLB degree (or equivalent 4 year university law degree, ie B.Iuris or B.Proc).
  2. Competent to provide legal services in practice areas in terms of South African laws.
  3. Able to connect with clients in South Africa directly or remotely via email, phone calls, cell phone text, video conferencing or voice notes.
  4. Fall into a category of Practising Attorney, Practising Trust Account Advocate, Practising Referral Advocate, Legal Consultant, Pro Bono Lawyer or Law Academic.
  5. Operate for own account or be part of a legal practice with other lawyers who qualify.
  6. Accept Subscriber Terms and Conditions to strive for high professional and ethical standards.

What subscription services are currently covered by your R350 per month?

  1. Publishing your digital lawyer profile on our website platform which you can share with your contacts via social media or text.
  2. Marketing of your lawyer profile on our website, FaceBook, Insta, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  3. Connecting you with potential new clients (leads) via email.
  4. Proofreading, publishing and sharing your blogs.
  5. Connecting you with other top lawyers and inviting you to Happy Zoom Hours.
  6. Connecting you with top product / service providers for lawyers.
  7. Receiving a monthly exclusive lawyer coaching voice note message on WhatsApp.
  8. Receiving R350 discount on first formal lawyer coaching session.
  9. Associating with top lawyers who share high professional and ethical standards.
  10. If you are an Attorney providing services as correspondent, or subletting your commercial office space/consultation rooms, you can advertise this for FREE to other lawyers.

How to subscribe?

Subscription and creation of your digital lawyer profile are fast and easy on our website. Keep your bank card handy to process payment on our website via PayFast. Alternatively, let us know if you prefer EFT payments. We will email you an invoice.

If you get stuck or have any queries, contact Emmie de Kock at the following contact details:


WhatsApp: 067 426 7141

We hope to welcome you home soon on our website!


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