Where do lawyers work?

It has been said: “Home” is where your WiFi connects automatically. So when we are asked “where are our lawyers based?”, post pandemic 2020, we are not always sure how to answer..

Some lawyers have fully operational home offices. They receive service of documents, manage staff, do all work, keep all records and hold consultations at home.

Some lawyers only work remotely from home and use a different address for service, consultations etc. Attorneys who work remotely from home can provide litigation services and attend courts.

Some lawyers work remotely and physically only from commercial offices.

Some lawyers follow a hybrid approach and work few days/hours per week from a commercial office and the rest of the time from home.

Some lawyers work from home and meet clients ad hoc and on appointment in neutral places like commercial co-working spaces, restaurants or coffee shops which allow for private conversations.

Some lawyers’ work addresses are their home addresses, but they work and meet at their clients’ premises.

Some lawyers work remotely and are mobile. Sometimes they work from the homes of their parents, holiday homes or a friend’s home. Remote working provides various options.

Referral Advocates, who are also members of the Bar, share office facilities with each other, but also often work remotely from home.

Sometimes Attorneys or Advocates working remotely from home, are prepared to travel to visit clients or attend courts in other regions or provinces.

Sometimes courts agree to remote video conferencing hearings for Attorneys or Advocates working remotely from home or a commercial office, and no travel or physical attendances are required for court cases.

In accordance with the Code of Conduct (Rule 7) for legal practitioners, attorneys may not share physical offices with non-attorneys without the prior written consent of the Legal Practice Council.

Working from “home” makes it possible for lawyers in any province to serve clients in all provinces of South Africa.

Following the above, if you have a cell phone and data, you are welcome to connect with our lawyers at “home” via text or email. Our website makes it easy to search and find the best lawyer for you fast.

We are passionate about making our lawyers more accessible to connect with you!

Our lawyers are ready to assist. Welcome home!

LWFH Management

January 2021


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