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Legal Practice Name: Sarey Pillay Attorneys
Form of Legal Practice: LLB
Legal Practice Registration Number: 70713
When was this legal practice established? 2023
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Built upon almost a decade of experience within the legal realm, Sarey Pillay Attorneys was established with the goal of providing cost-effective and simplified legal solutions. With a deep understanding of our clients' needs, we specialise in various disciplines, offering a comprehensive range of services, including Civil Law, Trial Management and Litigation, Insurance Law, Personal Injury Law, Debt Collection, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Administration of Estates and Family Law.

At the heart of our practice is an unwavering commitment to client service excellence. We pledge to deliver robust legal advice that remains at the forefront of the latest trends, developments, and their practical applications.

With in-depth knowledge of the Magistrates’ Court Act, Superior Courts Act, and Uniform Rules, our firm is well-equipped to handle legal matters of varying complexities across the entire legal spectrum.


Our mission is driven by a philosophy centred around delivering streamlined legal solutions that are efficient, timely, and cost-effective. By actively listening to our clients' concerns, meticulously identifying the key issues at hand, and leveraging our expertise, we are committed to providing optimal outcomes. We take immediate and decisive action to advance and protect our clients' interests, ensuring swift resolution and effective representation without unnecessary delays.


At our core, we envision building enduring partnerships with our clients, cultivating trust and confidence. We strive to ensure that every legal matter entrusted to us receives the highest level of care, urgency, and dedication it deserves, fostering long-lasting relationships based on mutual respect and satisfaction.


Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of respect, honesty, confidentiality, and accountability in all our interactions. These values form the foundation of our practice.

Client Excellence: We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and placing our clients' interests at the forefront of everything we do. We provide prompt, accurate legal advice, striving to exceed client expectations.

Realistic and Affordable Solutions: We are committed to providing our clients with the most realistic outcomes for their legal matters. We aim to offer practical solutions that align with their needs and goals, always considering affordability and cost-effectiveness.


Correspondent Services

Divorce and Family Law

General Civil Litigation

Drafting of Wills and Administration of Estates

Insurance (recoveries and third-party claims)

Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Personal Injury

Debt and Levy Collection

Legal Costing


Why Sarey Pillay Attorneys is the business partner of choice:

At Sarey Pillay Attorneys, we offer a distinct competitive edge that sets us apart from large corporate firms. Here's why our clients choose us:

·        Personalised Attention: Working with a single dedicated attorney ensures undivided attention and accountability throughout the entire legal process. From start to finish, you can rely on the same attorney who is fully invested in your matter.

·        Prudent Case Assessment: We understand the value of your resources and promptly assess the reasonable chances of success for each matter, allowing you to make informed decisions without unnecessary expenditure of time or money.

·        Timely Communication: We prioritise effective communication. Our commitment to client service means we respond to client and third-party correspondence within one business day, keeping you informed and involved at every step.

·        Transparent Cost Estimates: We believe in transparency when it comes to legal costs. Before matters escalate, we provide reasonable legal cost estimates, helping you plan and budget effectively.

·        Comprehensive Record-Keeping: We maintain meticulous records and documents for each matter, ensuring that all relevant information is organised and readily accessible when needed.

·        Clear and Detailed Invoicing: Our itemised billing provides a clear breakdown of services rendered, enabling you to understand the value you receive and have full visibility into the services provided.

An Admitted Attorney with the right of appearance in the High Court; Sarey Pillay presents close to 10 years of experience in the legal field, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the firm.  

With a remarkable track record, Sarey has successfully managed and handled a vast number of litigious matters, including an impressive caseload of over 600 cases. Her approach, however, goes beyond adversarial processes, as she always strives to explore negotiation, mediation, and settlement options before resorting to litigation. This commitment to alternative dispute resolution methods reflects her dedication to finding practical and efficient solutions for her clients.

Sarey's success extends beyond the courtroom. She has achieved notable accolades, including being nominated as one of the Most Inspirational Women at the prestigious 2022 RAF Women's Gala. This recognition is a testament to the impact she has made in her profession.

An assertive decision-maker, she exhibits sound judgment and advanced skill sets in anticipating legal matters and risks across diverse cases, areas of law, industries, and sectors, navigating and responding to ambiguity, disorder, and complexities with a sophisticated intellect.



Capacity / Position in Legal Practice: Sole Proprietor
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Legal Services

Legal Services Practice Areas: CompaniesContractsCorrespondentCriminal LawDebt collectingDispute ResolutionDivorceFamily LawInsurance LawLitigationMedia and Publication lawPersonal Injuries

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Preferred Instructions: Any instructions

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Email Address:
Cell Phone Number: 0825399586

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Fee Structure: Time basis, Magistrates or High Court Tariff or negotiable
Fidelity Fund Certificate: Yes
Deposit Policy And Payment Terms: R1350,00 deposit
Language Preferences: English
Communication Preferences: Cell phone textEmailPhone Call
Available Online Hours: 08h00-18h00 and after hours

Professional Achievements

Awards and Acknowledgements: Scholarship from UKZN to complete my Masters degree, nominated as the most inspirational woman in the 2022 Road Accident Fund Women's gala