Nature of legal practice

Legal Practice Name: Erasmus Botha Incorporated (Novate)
Form of Legal Practice: 2005 - 2009 LLB (University of Pretoria) 2010 – 2012 Notary Articles 2013 – Trade marks and Copyright Level 1 (South African Institute for Intellectual Property) 2018 - Practice Management Training (Law Society of South Africa)
Legal Practice Registration Number: M33032
When was this legal practice established? 2014
What is your legal practice' value proposition? We have a real interest in helping our clients overcome the obstacles that their business may face and work with them to develop strategies that enhance their growth prospects. By adopting this approach, we free ourselves from the “clock watching” practices of our competitors. EBi is a lean and agile law firm that is constantly looking at ways in which we can work smarter by refining our service delivery methodologies and by leveraging new technologies in the legal tech and communications spaces.  This includes:
  • giving you secure, transparent access to your files via the cloud, enabling you to review progress and give instructions in seconds;
  • leveraging advanced AI-based document review software, which significantly reduces the time required to execute large-scale document review projects and due diligence investigations, or to prepare for trial, while also improving the accuracy with which these tasks are carried out, as compared to the manual processes traditionally used by lawyers; and
  • implementing advanced document modelling software which speeds up the contract drafting process and enables our lawyers to consistently deliver higher quality document.
  • Our unique selling pint is our application of the strategy known as “Client Intimacy”. This philosophy is embedded in our culture and values and our core belief is that we can anticipate your needs by knowing the way you think and the way your respond to scenarios. Our training equips us with an uncanny ability to know how our client will react in different scenarios. We strive to understand the business and the client so that we can react faster and more efficiently in the best interests of the business. We do this by acting in a similar way that you would, but with the addition of years of commercial legal skills and experience to ensure the best outcome for you.
We are a forward-thinking law firm that understands your vision and stands by your side, helping you make your vision a reality.
Capacity / Position in Legal Practice: Director
Is your Legal Practice registered for VAT? Yes

Legal Services

Legal Services Practice Areas: BEE complianceBusiness LawCompaniesContractsCorporate Law/GovernanceDebt collectingFranchisingIntellectual Property LawLegal research / opinionsLitigationNotary
Other Legal Services: COMMERCIAL AND IT • Non-Executive officer of retail and mining supply entities. • Non-Executive officer on Board committees, including Financial Committees, Health and Safety Committees and Operational Committees. • Advising on the re-structuring of a group of retail companies. • Advising on Nodus Equity’s acquisition into Big Save. • Advising and implementing of the re-structuring of the Keegor Group. • Advising and implementing the BEE ownership structuring of the Keegor Group. • Advising and seeking of grants and funding for the Keegor Group • Created and implemented the companies’ governance policies and codes. • Worked with business development and operations teams to expand the company's geographical footprint, by identifying customers and closing acquisitions, and helped facilitate securing new projects. • Advised executives on securities matters, corporate governance, debt indentures, preferred shareholding, general corporate law issues, litigation portfolio and general employment law issues. • Franchising (acting on behalf of the Franchisors and Franchisees, respectively, in disputes, Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and general compliance, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Disclosure Agreements and Franchise Agreements). • Provide expert consultation in mitigating risk, restructuring capital, implementing best practices and turning around high risk companies. • Drafting and reviewing of Software Development Agreements, SaaS (Software as a Service) Agreements, Software Service and Maintenance Agreements, Software Licensing Agreements and Escrow Agreements. • Drafting and reviewing Internet and Website Agreements, terms and conditions, privacy and data protection policies (specifically CPA, Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT), Protection of Personal Information (POPI), Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) impact and compliance). • Drafting and advising on Non-Disclosure Agreement, Letter of intent, Term Sheets and Memorandum of Understanding in the sale of a business. • Offering and assisting with entertainment agreements (film, performer and music, management artists and recording artists’ agreements). • Reviewing, drafting and advising on CPA agreements (agent, sponsor, suppliers, service, distribution and manufacturing agreements). • Reviewing, drafting and advising on Non-Disclosure and Intellectual Property Notice Agreements. • Reviewing, drafting and advising on Intellectual Property Licence and Assignment Agreements. • Reviewing, drafting and advising on Advertisement Agreements. • Reviewing, drafting and advising on commercial Lease Agreements. • Reviewing, drafting and advising on Employment Agreements. • Reviewing, drafting and advising on Settlement and Co-Existence Agreements. • Reviewing, drafting and advising on Memorandum of Incorporation and Shareholders Agreement. • Reviewing, drafting and advising on Joint Venture, Partnership, Co-operation and Association Agreements. • Reviewing, drafting and advising on Copyright Agreements and Notices. • Filing annual returns. • Arranging meetings of the directors and the shareholders. This involved the issue of notices of meetings, preparation of agenda, circulation of relevant papers and taking and producing minutes to record the business transacted at the meetings and the decisions taken. • Informing the Companies registry of any significant changes in the company’s structure or management, for example the appointment or resignation of directors. • Establishing and maintaining the company’s registered office as the address for any formal communications. Ensuring that all the company’s business stationery carries its name, registered number, country of registration and registered address. These details must also appear on the company website, emails, order forms and invoices. • Ensuring the security of the company’s legal documents, including for example, the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association. • Deciding on the company’s policy for the filing and retention of documents. • Advising directors on their duties, and ensuring that they comply with corporate legislation and the articles of association of the company. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY • Breach of Agreements litigation. • Franchise disputes and litigation. • Trade mark opposition and infringement. • Copyright infringement. • Domain name disputes. • Company name objections. • Unlawful competition and passing off litigation. • Defamation litigation. • Trade mark, Copyright, Patents and Designs. • Trade mark, domain name and company searches and registrations. • Trade mark and intellectual property due diligence. • Trade mark assignment, licences and changes. • Foreign trade mark protection. • Trade mark and copyright opinions. • Labelling requirements. • Assisting with Patent and Design formalities, including, new client enquiries, preliminary comments, searches, registrations, amendments, assignments, renewal, Licenses, changes and commercial related agreements and assistance.

Retainer Offerings

Legal Package Offerings: Ad hoc, fixed fee legal services and SME business packages
Promotional Offerings: SME Intellectual Property Audit Checklist Product Introduction An increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are realising the importance of intellectual property (IP) as a key economic asset in their overall business activity. Strong IP and a robust IP strategy can enable a company, of any size, to survive economic downturns as well as to grow sustainably during the boom period. We offer a “SME IP audit kit”, which aims to make South African SMEs aware of the IP they already hold and how it can be economically advantageous for them. It is a complete audit and outcome report. Product Process We send you a questionnaire. You complete it. We review and prepare a full audit report. You can use the audit report as a guide to help you become compliant. Expertise A combined experience of over 15 years in IP Law, Technology Law and Privacy Law. Lawyers who know. Cost Starting from R7’500 excl. VAT for a full audit depending on your turnover and size. Quote on application. Call us now to schedule a free online consultation at your convenience Yolandi Erasmus (079) 5285087

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Cell Phone Number: 0795285087
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Engagement Practices

Fee Structure: Ad hoc, fixed fee legal services and SME business packages
Fidelity Fund Certificate: Yes
Deposit Policy And Payment Terms: Signed Proposal/Mandate required before legal services are delivered
Language Preferences: English
Communication Preferences: Cell phone textEmailPhone CallVideo Conferencing
Available Online Hours: Mondays to Fridays, 8:30-17:30

Professional Achievements

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Awards and Acknowledgements: Erasmus Botha Inc. (EBi) is a 51% black-owned legal practice that specialises in Administrative Law and Commercial legal advisory services and is led by two experienced Attorneys that we’re intensively trained by a Senior Commercial Attorney who was listed in the Mergers & Acquisitions category from 2011 and in the Corporate Law category from 2014 by "Best Lawyers", the oldest and most respected peer review publication in the legal profession, operating in 75 countries, until 2019. .